Marty and Di’s Restaurant at The Tararua Club is family-friendly and serves delicious meals at great prices.

Opening Hours

Tuesday & Friday
evenings from 5:30pm
Soup of the Day $10.00
Garlic Bread with Aioli $8.00
Main Meals

With Eggs, Salad, Fries and Mushroom Sauce
Mixed Grill

Steak, Bacon, Sausage, Patti, Tomatoes, Eggs and Fries

Ham Steak

With Salad and Fries
Bangers and Mash

Large $16.00
Small $14.00
With Crumbed or Battered
Large $21.00
Small $16.00
Crumbed Camembert

With Salad

Sausage, Eggs and Fries


Bar Menu

Corn Nuggets
with a side of fries
Fish Bites and Salad

with a side of fries

Chicken Nibbles

with a side of fries

with bacon, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce and grated cheese
Chicken Nibbles Salad Fries

with sweet chilli sauce
Basket of Fries

with aioli or tomato sauce
Large $6.00

Small $4.00
BLT Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Relish, Tomato

on toasted bread with fries
Chicken Panini

with cranberry-brie-spinach toasted with fries

Burgers & Fries
Hamburger $10.50
Cheeseburger $10.50
Bacon & Egg Burger $11.50
Fish Burger $13.00
Chicken Bacon Cheese Burger $13.50
Chicken Burger

with apricot or plum sauce
Extra Meat Pattie $3.50
Toasted Sandwiches
2x fllings of Ham Cheese Tomato Onion or Pineapple
Additional Fillings add $1.00 each/Mushrooms $2
Bacon & Egg $8.00

Kids' MENU

Hamburger or Cheeseburger & Fries $8.50
Chicken Nuggets & Fries $7.00
Hotdogs & Fries $7.00


Apple Slice
with Ice Cream & Cream
Chocolate Brownie
with Ice Cream & Cream
Ice Cream Sundae
Chocolate - Strawberry
Self Saucing pudding
with cream and ice-cream
Chocolate - Sticky Date - Golden Syrup

Please place your order at the counter. If you cannot see something that you like just ask and we will do our best to make something for you.